Founded in 2013, Signal Media Project, Inc. is a California based not-for-profit organization with a pending federal 501(c)(3) status and fiscal partnership and support with Independent Arts & Media.  Below is information on our current board and operating team:

Scott Adelson – Board President, Executive Director, Editor in Chief

Scott Adelson

Scott Adelson

Scott has 25 years experience in consumer publishing and journalism, marketing, and corporate and nonprofit communication strategy and execution. His expertise includes audience identification, brand and strategy development, program planning and oversight, and editorial and design work using a variety of disciplines and media.

As a journalist, Scott has traveled to and reported from places as diverse as Tibet, Sudan and Eastern Europe, developing a love of adventure and storytelling that has informed his 25-year career. As a Washington, D.C., correspondent in the 1980s, he reported on Congress, the Reagan administration and the Iran-Contra Affair, as well as environmental issues and legislation.

As a senior member and principal of several successful communication consultancies, Scott has helped some of the world’s most successful organizations reach their audiences in ways that help people to understand and motivate them to act. His award-winning approach of applying consumer principles to corporate and nonprofit communication has been employed by dozens of organizations, including Starbucks, Disney, American Express, Oracle, NCR, Teradata, LesConcierges, the Pearson Foundation, Event360, McKesson Corp., Fireman’s Fund and the AARP, among others.

Today, Scott is the Executive Director of Signal Media, a contributing editor and columnist for EcoSalon and Green Traveler Guides, and also leads his own communication consultancy based in Tiburon, California. He holds a B.A. in English and American Literature from Brandeis University, and an M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Cyan Banister – Co-founder, Board Member

Cyan Banister

Cyan Banister

A well-known and successful entrepreneur, technology maven and critical thinker, Cyan is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the controversial website, a subscription based social networking site for creators and fans of beautiful and tasteful glamour photography.

A prolific angel investor with her husband Scott Banister (Tagged, SpaceX, Uber and others), Cyan is a board member of a number of growing organizations, including Mimoco, best known for their MIMOBOT line of designer USB storage devices. She is also a sought-after business advisor, and a contributing writer for TechCrunch.

Cyan has held many leadership roles throughout her career, from leading technical operations teams in an enterprise software company to helping women master technology as CTO of a nonprofit organization.

A co-founder of Signal Media Project, Cyan is a voracious film, documentary and media consumer, with little tolerance for spreading misinformation. Just as important, she donates money every year to the World Juggling Federation, women’s division.

Lucas Nealan – Co-founder, Board Secretary

Lucas Nealan

Lucas Nealan

Born in Maryland, but having grown up in San Francisco, Lucas started programming at age 16—his first language was Pascal. A self-taught Engineer, he worked at American Express (travel and technology) for seven years before leaving to join an Intel spinoff company, DevelopOnline, in 2000.

Lucas started working at Facebook in August 2005 as one of the organization’s first Engineers, focusing on PHP and scalability. He left in 2009, and is now a technology angel investor in companies such as GetAround, Postmates, Crittercism and Earbits. He has been a featured speaker at various PHP tech conferences, including DC PHP Conference, PHP|works, PHPTek, OSCON and Geeksessions. He co-founded Signal Media Project in 2013.

Aside from technology and accuracy in popular media, Lucas is obsessive about skiing, home automation and watching documentaries.

Brian Shire – Co-founder, Board Treasurer

Brian Shire

Brian Shire


Born in Missoula, Montana Brian started programming around age 8 on an Apple IIe. When he wasn’t playing games, he was learning the Basic programming language. Later, he lived in Phoenix from 2000 to 2006 where he accepted a position as co-chair of the Gay Lesbian Student Education Network (GLSEN) Phoenix, working with youth to help create safe school environments. In November of 2005 he moved to San Francisco and accepted a position with a then little-known startup called Facebook and focused on scaling their infrastructure as one of their early engineers.

Facebook grew from 5 million to over 175 million users in just over three years. During that time, Brian became a contributor to a number of open source software projects, most notably as primary contributor to an opcode cache and PHP internals. He has shared his knowledge and experience as a speaker at various conferences around the world including Open Web Vancouver, PHP DC, PHP|TekChicago, and PHP Forum Paris. Brian has also written a case study for the book “Real-World Solutions for Developing High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications” titled “Performance Testing” based upon his experiences and work at Facebook.

After leaving Facebook in late 2009, he began focusing on real-estate and angel investing that creates long-term value and social good. These include Techshop, a community workspace, and Carrotmob, an organization that works to create positive change in businesses through crowd sourced incentives. He currently sits on an advisory board for the non-profit Groundwork Opportunities, fighting to end poverty worldwide. In his spare time, Brian enjoys assisting others through an active lifestyle including the AIDS Life Cycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.